TechWorks is designed to provide information that will help you complete personal and work-related business transactions at Georgia Tech. Resources that support Georgia Tech's administrative and financial services are organized to meet the needs of faculty and staff, campus administrators, student employees, retirees and surviving spouses, former employees and more!

TechWorks primarily consists of two sections the "TechWorks Home" page and "My Page". "TechWorks Home" displays information that may be of interest to the general public, including Georgia Tech employees. Active employees, retirees and surviving spouses are encouraged to sign-in to TechWorks to view "My Page" which provides the same information found on "TechWorks Home" as well as additional resources that have restricted access.

TechWorks Home

The "TechWorks Home" page provides access to many of Georgia Tech's administrative policies, forms, reports, procedures, systems and services. Access to other resources may be restricted to active employees, retirees and surviving spouses and require that you sign in to TechWorks.

My page

After you successfully log into TechWorks, you will be presented with information that may be of interest to you as a Georgia Tech employee.

This is called "My Page" because it can be customized to suit each employee's individual interests and needs. To a great extent, you can control what is displayed on this page and where it appears. When you first log-on to TechWorks, certain content modules, such as Employee Self-Service, will automatically appear on your page; you will have the opportunity to add or remove modules to this page to suit your interests. Additional content modules will be added to TechWorks on an ongoing basis. As new modules are added, you will be able to review the What's New channel to see if there is something new which might help you in completing your personal and job-related business transactions here at Tech.

Navigating Through the Menu

TechWorks displays a Menu on the left side of every page that is used to help you explore the system and access specific pages. Menu navigation consists of a hierarchy of folders and subfolders. The folder "drill-down" structure is a popular method for getting around TechWorks (the structure collapses and expands based on your selections).

This icon is used to represent a folder which contains other sub folders and/or individual pages but is closed (collapsed) so the contents are not displayed.

This icon is used to represent a folder which has been opened (expanded) to display its contents (sub-folders and/or individual pages).

This icon is used to represent a page link which is the lowest level i.e. the folder is completely expanded. Information is displayed and possibly maintained on "pages".

Click on a folder's name to expand (open) the folder and display the contents.

Click the folder's name again to collapse (close) the folder and hide the contents.

Click on a page's name to display the page to the right of the Menu.

Example of an expanded folder/subfolder hierarchy:
Employee Self Service > Personal Information > Phone Numbers

Navigating Through a Channel

TechWorks' content modules are set up to provide easy access to the functions you might need to view or manage information for a particular transaction. Just click on the underlined text that describes a particular function in order to view the options associated with that function.

Customizing My Page - Adding/Removing Channels

The information displayed on "My Page" can vary from employee to employee; based upon the type of work you perform at Georgia Tech, you will be authorized to access or view a particular collection of content modules. In addition, there are several optional modules that you can display or remove from "My Page".

New modules will be added to TechWorks on an ongoing basis. As these modules are added, you will be able to review the "What's New?" content module to see if there are any new modules you might be interested in adding to "My Page".

You can customize the look of "My Page" by deciding which modules will be displayed and where they will appear. There are a few modules that are "required" - you will not be able to remove these channels from "My Page".

To view the list of available content modules, click on Content.

The "Personalize Content" page displays all of the content modules which may be displayed on "My Page". A checkmark will appear to the left of any content module which is currently displayed on "My Page".

To display a module on "My Page": Click on an empty box to place a check mark next to the channel.
To remove a module from "My Page": Click on a checked box to remove the check mark from the channel.

Remember to scroll down to the bottom and click on the Save button when you are finished.

Customizing My Page - Changing the Layout

To change where content modules will appear on "My Page", access the "Personalize Layout" page by either clicking on Layout from "My Page"

Or by clicking on Personalize Layout on the "Personalize Content" page.

On the "Personalize Layout" page, you have the option of displaying channels on "My Page" using two (2) columns or three (3) columns. Click on the options provided in the Basic Layout section to see the effect of changing the number of columns displayed on "My Page".

Once you have decided on the number of columns to be displayed, you also have the option of choosing in which column a particular content module will appear and its position relative to other content modules in the column.

Remember to scroll to the bottom and click Save when you are finished.

Signing Out

WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED WITH A PARTICULAR FUNCTION OR MODULE BUT WANT TO REMAIN SIGNED IN TO TECHWORKS, simply close the browser window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner. This is true for all functions, including Administrative Systems such as HRMS 8.8.

WHEN YOU ARE READY TO LEAVE TECHWORKS, you should click on Sign Out instead of just closing the browser window. Each session takes up memory on the web server and if you just close the browser window, that memory is still locked up. However, if you properly sign off, then the memory is released. Failure to log off properly will slowly use up the memory, causing problems for all users.

When you sign out, TechWorks closes all open windows.

Additional Security Precaution

For security purposes, Employee Self-Service will log you out of the system after 20 minutes of inactivity. Two minutes prior to your session timeout, the system provides a warning that your browser session is about to expire. You then have the option of continuing with your current session by clicking the "OK" button in the warning message.

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